Tuxedo – Great for Those Special Occasions


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One thing that is always a classic is the tuxedo for gentlemen.Whether you are buying or renting, having a tuxedo to wear makes it a good value item, considering the importance of the event you will be attending.

What is a tuxedo? A well fitted-out tuxedo look consists of:

-The suit jacket aka dinner jacket

-Your pant trousers with a decorative trim on the outside seam

-The cummerbund, which is a wide sash around your waist

-A super fantastic formal dress shirt, which has a pristine collar

-Don’t forget your bow tie for the maximum formal look

-Dress shoes of the appropriate color. If you wear brown shoes and a black tuxedo you will look way inappropriate.

-You need dress socks to finish off the total package. Again, make sure they are the correct color.

Choose a wristwatch that fits in well with your outfit.

When do you wear your tuxedo? Sometimes you have a choice, if the occasion or party says it is “optional”. However if the invitation you receive states “black tie,” then that means you have to show up in that attire or be a total fool. Get it?

What type of events are we talking about?

-If your daughter has always dreamed of an evening wedding and sees it as a very formal affair, you might assume she will be envisioning you and the groom in tuxedos.

-You probably won’t need a tux for a rock concert, but if you are going to the opera, a tux would be perfect.

-The more important the event, the more likely you will need a tuxedo. In high school, the prom is important, and hence the tuxedo makes an appearance. State dinners and balls would be the same- time for your tuxedo. If the women will be in ball gowns, men will typically be wearing tuxedos.

There is nothing to make a man feel more elegant than wearing his new dress shirt and tuxedo. Because it is something that you don’t wear all the time, it will last and represents good value in men’s clothing.

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