Mini Skirts and Their History


Bazaar is a shop which is on Kings Road in London and this is where the history on miniskirts started. The lady owner of the shop used to sell her own fashion designs in the late 1950′s. That is when she started introducing the shorter versions of skirts, and in the year 1965 the short skirts were highly popular due to their seductive fashion nature. Because this lady named Mary Quant was a fashion icon, the skirts she designed did not have any difficulty in gaining a grip in the fashion market. In a short time the skirts spread beyond the street market and were well received internationally as a fashion trend.

The demand for the miniskirts was boosted when Jean Rosemary Shrimpton who was an English model and an actress donned one on and matched it well with a white shift dress. The popularity of the mini skirt continued to flourish when Andr Courrage started designing this piece of fashion. His design however was a bit different because it was loose fitting and could well be matched with a nice pair of boots.


Later on the miniskirts were followed by other shorter version of micro skirts. These brought about the demand for pantyhose and tights as the very short skirts revealed a lot of thigh skin. The stockings had lost their preference because their hemlines could be visible. The short skirts were a hit and any shapely bodied woman had to get a number of them to complete their attire in their closets.

The fashion reversed in the 1970′s and the longer versions of the mini skirt were reintroduced. This was well accepted because the skirts could be donned to formal and casual occasions, just by pairing them with the appropriate accompaniment for the occasion and events.

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