Men’s Fashion and the Alternative Mainstream (Pug Life T-Shirt)


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pug Life T-Shirt

Subcultures and alt styles aren’t all there is to men’s fashion that’s a little off the beaten track. There are also plenty of styles that can be loosely grouped together as the “alternative mainstream” – and this Pug Life T-Shirt neatly fits into several of those categories at once. Read on to learn a little more about them, and how you could style this tee to fit in with them each in turn.

  1. Internet geek chic and the mainstreaming of the meme.
    All of a sudden, a new phrase had become temporarily immortal: “I didn’t choose the thug life; the thug life chose me.” It’s on pictures and posters and blogs and tweets, it’s a hashtag and a tag tag and everything else that the internet had suddenly granted us with the vocabulary for. By playing into that, you’re linking yourself up with a whole alternately mainstream set of the very coolest kind of geek – and you’ll be able to wear your corduroy trousers and suspender braces with flair and panache.
  2. Cleaning up American gangster culture.
    Obviously, the ides of a “thug” is in and of itself a lot darker than the actual image of a cheeky little dog on the front of this punning attire might suggest. That in and of itself could well be a good thing – it’s attempting to make the American gangster culture that has become so internationally all-pervasive into something humorous, something light, something that should, can andwillbe ridiculed. Obviously wearing a t-shirt isn’t going to change the world, but the basic idea is probably a step in the right direction. This is one particular sub culture that we’d all rather have less of in our lives, after all.

Working with hipster irony.

Hipsters get a bad rap at the moment, and that’s actually kind of a shame. After all, it’s really just about people taking themselves seriously – and while being able to laugh at yourself is essential, useful and attractive, there’s a risk in modern culture that people loose all sincerity.

The hipster style, for which this particular top would work wonderfully, is a way to express sincerity and explore anachronisms, and that isn’t anything to be abashed of. Wear your new t-shirt with the thick rimmed glasses of the hipster crowd, and try to consider what a wardrobe full of puns could really say about you.

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