Create A Custom Collegiate Sweatshirt


Creating a custom collegiate sweatshirt is the perfect way to show pride in a specific college, or college sport team. Adults and young children, both men and women alike can wear supportive collegiate sweatshirts. There are many different styles of sweatshirts that you can personally customize.

If going to customize your own, you want to be sure to purchase the sweatshirt apparel in colors that favor your favorite college school or team. Creating a custom sweatshirt in favor of your college, as opposed to purchasing one already made, will make yours appear unique. You can add a personal touch to your shirt when you design it yourself, and no one else will have one like it!

When you are ready to start your personalization to your sweatshirt, be sure you decide ahead of time for just what you plan to put on the shirt, and have the overall design pre-planned. Typically, you will want to put the name of the team or college on the front of the shirt, followed by a logo, mascot, or school saying on the back. If you belong to the school, and you are part of the athletics of the school, you can place your “number” on the back of the sweatshirt. Along the top back of the shirt is a good place to add you first or last name. You can usually find decals or iron-on of the schools mascot if you desire to do so. If you want to design your own sports sweatshirt apparel, but do not feel comfortable enough to actually make the shirt yourself, you can design your own at a sports shop, and they will do the actually placement of the design for you. This still gives the personal touch, but will be professionally done.

Once you complete your sweatshirt design, make sure you give the item plenty of time to dry before wearing. If the sweatshirt is just too hot during the games, you can always purchase T-shirts for warmer weather, and repeat the design process! This way you will have supportive collegiate wear all year round!

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